Game Art & Design

Game Art & Design


Our two-year Game Art & Design program is an intensive course that focuses on the artistic and design aspects of video game creation. Encompassing a wide range of subjects and skills, the program prepares students for diverse roles in the gaming industry, such as game artist, level designer, character designer, and environment artist. It provides a strong foundation for students to enter the competitive and rapidly evolving world of game design and development.


#Course CodeCourse
01 FD01C01 Fundamentals of 2D Digital Production
02 FD01C02 Fundamentals of Animation
03 FD01C03 Fundamentals of 3D with Maya
04 FD01C04 Fundamentals of Sound Design
05 FD01C05 Fundamentals of Game Engine
#Course CodeCourse
01 CDDPG0201 Hard Surface Modelling
02 CDDPG0202 Organic Modelling
03 CDDPG0203 Texturing & Shading
04 CDDPG0204 Lighting & Rendering
05 CDDPG0205 Game Design & Creation

Specialization in 3d Animation or 3d Generalist

Semester 3 - Animation

#Course CodeCourse
01 CDDPG0301 Character Rigging Fundamentals
02 CDDPG0302 Character Setup & Skinning
03 CDDPG0303 Expressions & Scripting
04 CDDPG0304 Character & Prop Animation
05 CDDPG0305 Animation & Integration

Semester 3 – 3D Generalist

#Course CodeCourse
06 CDDPG0306 Level Design
07 CDDPG0307 Game Art & Architecture
08 CDDPG0308 Advance Lighting & Texturing
09 CDDPG0309 Game Project Management
10 CDDPG0310 Interactive Prototyping
#Course CodeCourse
01 CDDPG0401 Demo Reel
02 CDDPG0402 Portfolio and Resume Workshop
03 CDDPG0403 Industry Internship/ Co-operative Education (Co-op)


The world of Game Art & Design offers a range of career opportunities for artists. Professionals trained in this field are essential to the creation and development of video games, and their skills are applicable in multiple facets of this industry. The gaming industry is always advancing with the emergence of new technological platforms such as mobile gaming, cloud gaming, and immersive VR/AR experiences. This dynamic nature means that there is consistently strong demand for creative and skilled game art and design professionals. Those who keep up with industry trends and technologies have numerous opportunities for growth and innovation in their careers.


  • Character Artist/Designer
  • 2D/3D Environment Artist
  • 3D Character Modeller
  • 3D Animator
  • Level Designer
  • Texture Designer
  • Program Name: Game Art & Design
  • Credential: Diploma
  • Method of Study: Full-time
  • Duration: 2 Years (4 Semesters)
  • Batch Starts: September
  • Available Seats: 6
  • Domestic Tuition: C$ 8,999.00 (per semester)


Description Domestic Student
Materials C$ 1000.00
Student Union Fee C$ 75.00
Technology & Learning Resources C$ 350.00


Description Domestic Student
Application Fee C$ 75.00
Confirmation Deposit (non-refundable) C$ 1000.00
Late Payment Fee C$ 25.00
Certificate/Diploma (percopy) C$ 25.00
Transcript Fee (Up to Five copies of transcript) C$ 25.00


  • High school graduate
  • Capability to function effectively and achieve output under set deadlines
  • Capacity to be a fast learner (openness toward learning)
  • Mindset towards precision work
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Ability to handle an intense program


  • All tuition & fees are subject to adjustment at any time
  • Weekly, per-course, or per-credit charges will not exceed full-time tuition and fees for the courses included in the program’s term
  • All tuition & fees are charged and refunded in compliance with the CAM Student Contract